Monday, October 3, 2011

Mystery Weekend 2.0

I know I have fabric for Mystery Weekend #48, but now I have options.

Tonight was my last with Cheri. She isn't working Monday nights with me any more.

To commemorate the occasion, I just had to buy the fabric she picked out for me.

I love it! My other option is a bit on the feminine side. This option is definitely masculine.

I got all the fabrics tonight at Glad's, so if you don't have your fabric yet, we can have twinner quilts.

I'm looking forward to working with Mary. She is my new partner in crime Monday nights. I hope she doesn't tempt me as much to buy fabric.


Susan Dyer said...

Has Cheri taught Mary her tricks to temptation? Just wondering!

Gyspyinthetwilightzone said...

I love the Leaf Fabric..
I was looking at all your Quilt photos and there was a Quilt Show at the Natural History Museum in L.A. That I attended on a 1850 Crazy quilt were the words of the Woman who made it
"My tears, my worries and my sorrow and my joy went into this quilt. This quilt kept me from thinking of the sorrow of losing my sons in this God forsaken war, I had to find peieces wherever I could. One is even a Johnny Red's stipe..I only Hope this quilt gives life to another."
It apparently was passed on to a new bride. Beautiful. Your Quilts remind me of this.. You leave a bit of yourself in each.. Thank you