Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bin Tour

Since I'm working on a mystery quilt, about all I can say is that I've completed steps 1-3 for both of my color ways. With 5 steps in all, I'm making good progress.

While I'm working on the quilt that cannot be named, I thought I would take you through my stack of ArtBins.

I decided to organize the ArtBins so that all the project that I started sewing on would be at the top.

I'll be showing you my stack from the bottom, the cut out, but not started projects.

This will become Steps to the Stars. This has been cut out for a while. This dates back to Debbie coming over for my session of Rent-A-Friend in the summer of 2010.

I really loved the background fabric, the bird fabric. I picked my other fabrics based on the colors in the fabric. I have brown, blue, green and red fabrics. I tried to get a range of values and also a range of textures.

I tried to keep the dark fabric patterns simple because of the birds as a background are relatively busy.

I can't wait to finish all the projects I have started, so I can get to this one.

I want to see the stars in border. The birds will look so cute!

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