Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lessons Learned

Sometimes when you pull out a UFO, you find you've come a long way since you left it.

This happened to me when I pulled out this ArtBin. The points in the leaves are all paper pieced.

I started this project at a sew-in at my place over two years ago. I hadn't done much paper piecing at the time and certainly wasn't doing it right.

I got frustrated on my first piece. I couldn't get the pieces of fabric to cover the pattern. I figured I'd not cut the fabric big enough and put it aside.

Along comes a Judy Neimeyer pattern, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and a paper piecing class at Glads. After paper piecing 30 different blocks, I'm a professional.

In my quest to empty bins, I reluctantly decided to pull this out.

It turns out that first piece had at half inch seam, which might have explained the pieces not covering the pattern.

Using my new learned skills, I have finished all the parts that are paper pieced and now I'm assembling the leaves. I'm in complete production mode. As you can see, I have all 32 leaf blocks laid out.

This is a pattern is called Autumn Splendor from Cotton Tales. It is a nice pattern with about 5 different projects that use this basic leaf pattern.

I'm doing a single chain arrangement surrounding the leaves. After the leaves are made, the get a two inch border of more background to make them float. I also need to make the chain blocks.

I have to say that it is very nice to be on a fall themed quilt this time of year. Also, it is an excuse not to go out a rake the actual leaves outside.

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Julie said...

It seems I'm good at a different kind of paper piecing ;) I'm glad to see that you gave this another try and that you're getting the hang of it. These tulips look stunning! Keep at it!