Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall to Pieces

Is everyone as excited for Mystery Weekend as me?

I'm all ready to roll with my cutting completed.

It has been interesting for me to look at the pieces being cut and start guessing at the quilt design. I've come up with some interesting possibilities.

I'm sure the actual quilt with be much better!
I also cut out both sizes, so here are some interesting facts.

There are more backgroud pieces than dark fabrics, 184 vs 160 for the small quilt and 240 vs 208 for the large quilt.

The small quilt is 68"x84" and the large is 84"x100", which is 1.5625 times bigger. The small quilt has 344 cut pieces while the large has 448, which is 1.3023 times as many.

Now I need to decide what to do with my time until Mystery!?


Judy said...

How about figure out how many stitches will be in the big quilt vs. the small quilt based on past mysteries. That should keep you busy...... :D

Susan Dyer said...

Are you making two? Why do you have so much more time than I have?