Sunday, October 9, 2011

Missing My Mom

I lost my Mom a year ago today.

I'm missing her a little bit. A lot bit.

I miss her calls and our chats about my latest quilt project.

I owe my first exposure to quilting to my Mom. She and my grandmother would put quilts on the frame and quilt while us kids would play underneath it.

I remember laying on my back looking up at the stitches on the back side.

She and I made baby quilts for my Eagle scout project. She didn't trust me with her sewing machine, but I would pass her the pieces.

She was also an excellent cook. I got my love of food and cooking from her.

And of course I owe my good looks to her.

I begged my sisters to let me have my Mom's shirts, so I could make a quilt.

I brought the shirts into Glad's and Nancy suggested Slide Show by Atkinson Designs, to show off the shirts' fabric.

The ladies also had the bright idea to sew shirt parts into the squares to showcase the shirts. I used a collar, a placket and a pocket in squares.

Judy Remiger quilted the quilt for me. I told her about my Mom's love of flowers which she incorporated into the quilting. There is even a rose inside of the collar.

She also quilted mine and my siblings' names into the border.
I think it turned out well. When I look at this quilt, it reminds me of my mother's warmth.

I miss you Mom!


Judy said...

Good memories are a wonderful thing to have. So glad that you were able to share such unique quilting times with your Mom and Grandmother.

I am sure that your Mom was proud of you as her son and your quilting accomplishments.

Annemarie Yohnk said...

Nice memories. Moms are special...they make everything better with love. I bet she is thinking of you today too.

Julie said...

Oh, Nathan, this quilt is beautiful! I wondered how it turned out since I remember seeing her wear some of those shirts. It is so very special and I like the touch of the flowers quilted right into it. Also, I'm touched with the fact that the names of your siblings are incorporated as well. Thanks for sharing your memories of her today. I miss her too.

Martha Berge said...
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Martha Berge said...

Thank you for your beautiful tribute to her. I remember quilting with her and Grandma, it was considered an important skill for every young woman to have back then.

Unknown said...

I miss her so much. It is so good to think about all she left with us.