Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Week Without Quilting

Who would have thought that a week without quilting could be paradise?!

Normally I couldn't think of a worse torture, but Steve and I are back from a week in Puerto Vallarta. It was wonderful.

Did you know there is rum in pina coladas?

I need to get back sewing, so look for new postings soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to My G&T Man

Yesterday was fun for Steve and I. I spent the day shopping and sewing with Cheri. We found two pez that Steve didn't have yet.

I used a coupon to get a free Valentine's fat quarter at Glad Creations and bought another in a coordinating fabric for a wine tote.

I used the wine tote and the Valentine's tote to put together a gin and tonic kit.

Steve and I also made a romantic dinner at home. We made Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Shiitakes and Provolone with Roasted Broccoli.

The chicken is a favorite of mine and this was the first time making roasted vegetables.

It was a very delicious meal!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Always 20 to go

I finished my split rail baby quilt, which makes 14 finished projects from my list.

I think this quilt is just fun and bright. The rail blocks are scraps of my sister Caroline's and my Merry-Go-Round quilt.

You might have noticed that my project list is different. I've removed the completed projects and added other projects.

My plan is to keep the list at 20 projects, so when I complete a project I will add another.

I hope this will keep me motivated to complete projects on my list.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Tote

I took the Sew a Tote class at Crafty Planet about a year ago and I've been making them ever since. They are addictive and make great gifts.

Here is how I make them.

I cut two 18" squares each out of the fabric for the outside, the fabric for inside and the canvas for the lining.

I cut one strip 4" x the width of the fabric and cut in half at the center fold.

Two pieces 2" x 20+" of the canvas are used for the handles.

I sandwich the inside fabric right sides together between the two canvas pieces. I also put the inside fabric pieces right sides together.

I sew the sides and bottoms closed using a 1/2" seam to form two separate bags.

Next I cut a 3" inch square out of the bottom corners of each of the bags, one with the outside fabric and the other with the inside fabric.

I press the seams open.

Then I match up the seams on the sides and bottoms of the square cutout and sew it closed. This forms the bottom of each bag.

I press the canvas handle piece in half along the width, so that they now measure 1"x20+".

The handle fabric pieces are pressed in half and the raw edges are pressed to the center fold. These folded pieces should also measure 1"x20+".

The canvas handle pieces get folded inside the handle fabric. I top stitch both edges of the folded handle.

I sew the handles to the outside of the bag as shown, approximately 4 1/2" from the side seam of the bag, using a 1/4 " seam allowance.

The inside fabric bag is put right sides together with outside bag and is stitched close.

Leave an opening between one of the handles to turn the bag right side out.

Press the top seam and top stitch around the top of the back to close the opening.

Now the most important step. Think of all the people you know and find your tote a good home.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Flatulence in a Bowl

I made dinner for some friends Wednesday. Tricia made green onions and pickles wrapped in cream cheese and corned beef. It was delicious.

Gina is on a gluten free diet, so I pulled up one of my old favorites, Moroccan Beef Stew. It is quick and delicious.

I found it using high fiber as a search criteria. I think I should warn you that those near you might not be enjoying the stew the next day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chocolate and Cheese

Debbie hosted a sew-in. I was there a couple of days and made a some great progress on my Log Rhythm quilt.

Any sew-in worth anything is all about the food. I made a Double-Chocolate Cheesecake.

It is really like more triple chocolate. Oreo crust, chocolate filling and dark chocolate glaze.

It's delicious, but very rich. Try just a sliver first, it might be enough!