Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Week Without Quilting

Who would have thought that a week without quilting could be paradise?!

Normally I couldn't think of a worse torture, but Steve and I are back from a week in Puerto Vallarta. It was wonderful.

Did you know there is rum in pina coladas?

I need to get back sewing, so look for new postings soon.


Cheri Dawn said...

It's great to see you back on top again! And, yes, rum makes sense.

Kan Can said...

Sounds lovely. When are we going to get together for a double date?

Steve said...

Did you know there is tequilla in margaritas?

Julie said...

It sounds like paradise...Puerto Vallarta. So glad you had a wonderful time!
I love Pina Colada's but I didn't know about the rum.?..interesting little tidbit. Reminds me of Egg Nog too.