Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making Room

I'm signed up for Mystery Weekend #48. I'll be attending the October 22 and 23 session.

If you like good company and a good surprise, feel free to join me. There is still room available.

I selected my fabrics from my stash. I got the fabrics from two kits and a fat quarter bundle. The fabrics are from Amy Butler, Erin McMorris and Anna Maria Horner.

I think the fabrics go together really well, even if they are slightly feminine. Of course, I went into the shop and Debbie found me the perfect background.

I now have my cutting instructions and I'm not buying a new ArtBin to store this quilt, so I need to finish another project.

I've decided to finish up the contents of this ArtBin since it is almost done anyway. The fabrics might look familiar. They are from the kit for Tapestry.

I loved all the kits for the particular quilt, so I ended up with all three. I've made one already.

Three quilts from the same pattern is a bit of an overkill, so I got inventive. I'm making Sky Dancer with the fabrics.

Steve liked it because of the circles. Once I made the blocks he was disappointed to find out they were just fake circles.

At this point I have the center quilt blocks made and the border pieces. I need to still make the sashing pieces and the corner blocks. A cinch right?

I'd like to get it laid out this weekend. Wish me luck!


Judy said...

That Debbie, such a good background girl.

At least your fabric has real circles, even if the quilt doesn't. ;)

Lynette said...

I love those fabrics!!! They are so cute. I am starting another quilt soon. It always makes me think of you. I wish I had you here to help me pick fabrics. :) Good Luck!