Thursday, September 15, 2011

Retreat Bin

So first off, minor correction. I walked into my storage room and found a misplaced bin. I actually have 13 bins.

I am headed to a retreat at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center organized by Carol Wilder.

When I was getting ready for the retreat, I noticed I had an empty bin and decided it needed filling.

I like to be prepped and ready to sew, with a quilt all cut and ready to sew. In this case two.

I had a collection of Halloween fabric, and thought that All About Me by Atkinson Designs would be a nice way to show case the fabric.

The timing of the retreat is perfect, so if I make good progress the quilt will be done in time for the holiday.

The second quilt I cut out is Urban Cabin, also by Atkinson Designs. I used a Bali Pop and the soft green back ground. I'm kind of excited to see how it turns out.

Probably too much for the retreat but doesn't hurt to be prepared. I'll post pictures of my progress when I return.


Judy said...

Oh, look how organized you are - binder clips and all.... :)
Look forward to seeing the quilts!

SharO said...

Nice to see you here at the retreat, I'll be following your blog