Sunday, August 16, 2009

To MT and Back to MN

So I'm back from Montana and came back with a bit more fabric.

Cheri and I packed up the car and headed out Aug. 5 in my car to Missoula. Like good quilters, we left plenty of room in the trunk for fabric.

We spent the week with Cheri's brother, Jeff, and his wife, Cathy. They took us out to see the town, the farmers market and sailing on flat head lake. Thanks for the hospitality!

We got back yesterday after visit 17 quilt shops. You can see the trouble I got into in the picture. Here is a list of the quilt shops we visited.

1. The Quilt Haus

2. Fiberworks


4. Main Street Quilt Co.

5. Vicki's Quilts Down Under

6. Quilter's Quarry

7. Bernina Sewing Center

8. Timeless Quilts and Friends

9. Deer Country Quilts

10. Glacier Quilts

11. Back Door General Store

12. Quilt Gallery

13. All In Stitches

14. Quilter's Corner Etc.

15. Quilts On Broadway

16. Quilting In The Country

17. The Enchanted Room

The sad thing is that I bought so much stuff that I've had to add another storage bin for my fabric.

I think I need to go back on a strict fabric diet, where I actually have to limit how much I can buy.

You know a real diet.


Martha Berge said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

sjohns said...

"A bit more fabric," huh??? You are a riot! Welcome home. You had a great time, it's clear.

Cheri Dawn said...

My pile of fabric looks kind of smaller, but then I haven't hauled it all out and set it next to the stack of books I bought! I, too, am on a strict diet from here on out.

Julie said...

If you must go on a diet, remember these wise words from Plato:
"Necessity, who is the mother of invention."
But I think some diets are overrated. :)

I'm so happy that you had a great time and you were able to visit so many stores. I think you did well in your fabric buying for as many stores as you saw but that's just my $.o2.