Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forever Siblings

Can you tell I love my sister, Caroline?

She finished her first Glad Creations pattern, Forever Friends. Doesn't it look great!?

She came out last fall to do a Mystery Weekend with me. Cheri helped us pick out our fabric, so I think the reason our quilts turned out so good was our collaboration.

You can tell that we have very different tastes, but each of them are so pretty. I think this also shows the versatility of this quilt pattern as well.

Caroline, I hope you come out this fall for the next mystery weekend!


Alison said...

Says Caroline:

Nate you're totally awesome. Found your mashed roots recipe and printed it out. Thanks for all you did for mom and dad. Love you tons!


Cheri Dawn said...

Caroline, I love your quilt! It turned out beautifully. And I hope you can make it out this fall, too. It would be great to see you again and to play with fabric!

Alison said...

Says Caroline:

Nathan, I was wondering if the pan browned Brussels sprouts recipe is the one you made for me.

Cheri, thanks so much for your help in picking my fabrics. I'm looking forward to coming out there this fall!