Monday, November 10, 2008

Star Struck!!!

The last mystery weekend session ended yesterday, so now I can post pictures of my mystery quilt. My sister and I were in the first mystery weekend session. The first picture of the two of us having fun sewing. We had so much fun, we are already planning for next year.

I made a little progress on all the steps of the quilt, but focus on and finished the first step. This was to make friendship star out of a medium and a dark fabric. These blocks end up in the border.

The next week I spent on the next couple of clues, which was to make triple Irish chain blocks. Each block uses a dark fabric on the outside and a medium fabric on the inside of the chain.

The next week I spend on the next clue, which was friendship stars on background fabric. I ended up pairing a dark and medium fabric in each star. Each star is border with background fabric and the accent fabric in the corners.

It took another week to get all the blocks together into a quilt. You may have noticed by now that I was a little obsessed with getting this quilt done. I think it turned out amazing. The pattern name is "Forever Friends". When I finished the cutting for the quilt, I told you that I cut 1004 pieces. Now that I've finished I can give you the total number of pieces in the quilt. 2,407. Quite a few, but totally worth it.

I'm debating between two names for my quilt. Since I used Kaffe Fassett fabric and the friendship starts, one is "My Friend Kaffe", and the other is "The Fassetts of Kaffe". Which do you like? Other ideas?


Julie said...

That is totally awesome and so gorgeous! I love the colors. It looks like you and Caroline had so much fun and that you can't wait for next year. I love the concept of a mystery quilt. Perhaps, I'll try it too.
I vote for "My Friend Kaffe." It reminds me of when I was little girl and my favorite doll was named "My Friend Mandy."

Cheri Dawn said...

Wow! Your quilt is fabulous. I'm still holding out hope that it will be mine once the binding is done. And I vote for Fassets of Kaffe, unless of course, Kaffe is a personal friend of yours. Entirely possible.