Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Tote"ally Terrific

Well it is official, I had a totally terrific time visiting my brother and his family in San Antonio. You know me, I can't help but spread the joy of tote making everywhere I go.

Julie wanted me to show her how to make tote bags, so we got fabric and canvas to make three totes. So pictured is Julie, my sister-in-law, with her tote and Hope and Vanessa with their totes. I think Julie and I did a great job sewing them.

Julie has already started making two other totes. You'll have to check out Julie's blog for pictures of them. They were looking pretty fantastic before I left!


Julie said...

Thanks so much for the gift of knowledge! I loved to learn to make totes from you. I can't wait to make more. I'm almost done with the two I started before you left. I also can't wait to get started on other sewing projects and take a basic quilting class too. Thanks for helping me to remember how fun sewing can be!

Julie said...

I finally posted my finished projects on this blog:
here. Hope you like them! Nathan is the best teacher, don't you think?