Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quilt in Two and a Half Days

I promised my sister Caroline that I would make a quilt top for our family reunion. My mom's family gets together every year and tie a quilt and donate it to Humanitarian Services.

I picked up the fabric for the quilt at Glad Creations on Thursday. Cheri tipped me off to batiks being in the half price and helped me figure out yardage. Thanks!

I used four fabrics for the quilt, with all but one half price. I love the zig zag lines running up and down the length of the quilt.

Making this quilt has been a nice reminder than simple quilts can be beautiful, plus they go together quicker.


Nancy said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful!

Betharoo said...

Like your pics! You've made some really beautiful quilts! I don't piece the quilts I quilt, that's the part my customers do. I think it would be fine for you to use the setting for that sampler. Happy Quilting!

Julie said...

It looks amazing! I hope to be there to help tie it at the family reunion this year.