Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fallen off the Wagon

This past month I noticed that my waistline and my stash have been growing.

I love going to Utah and visiting my family, but I always seem to come home with projects. I bought a layer cake and turnovers from the Chez Moi Swanky Moda line. I'm going to be making Cherry Turnover.

I also bought a bunch of Black and White and Red Allover fabric. I'm going to make Birthday Presents from Take Two and Add a Few.

Steve also bought me the kit for Mystery by Mail #42 Soft Breeze for my birthday. I liked all the other kits, so I bought them as well.

I also bought some Jo Morton fabric to make a basket quilt. I'm also making a red and white Ohio star quilt.

Needless to say I need to get back on my fabric diet and start exercising again.

Any one have good ideas for rules for a fabric diet?


Jackie said...

No ideas for rules here!

Love the black, white and red!

sjohns said...

A famous quilting friend of ours used something like this for a diet: buy no full-price fabric unless it's needed to complete an in-progress project. Not too sure about sale stuff -- but maybe limit to only what would be part of a collection that has a quilt design more or less assigned to it. Hummmm ... am I ever realizing that I should send this comment to myself and get on this diet, too!