Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quilter's Block

It is true. As you can see I have quilter's block. The most challenging part of a One-Block Wonder quilt is laying out your blocks. I only got started and got completely overwhelmed. I might have to call in the cavalry.

This also means that I didn't make my goal of finishing my native arts One-Block Wonder this month. I did finished the bindings on three quilts, my Flaming 9-Patches, my Mystery Weekend #42 quilt, Forever Friends and my Bargellographix quilt.

I've also made lots of progress on my 30's Scrap Basket quilt. I've got my blocks made and I'm working on the sashing and borders.

So my goal for next month is to finish the top on my Scrap Basket quilt, continue to layout my One-Block Wonder quilt and put binding on my Merry-Go-Round quilt.

Wish me luck!


Cheri Dawn said...

I do wish you luck!

Steve said...

Wish me luck too! I will get a lot of questions like 'do you think this block looks better here or here (after moving the block one inch)? :)

Debbie said...

It's getting there but keep moving blocks until you get it!