Saturday, December 6, 2008

Steve's Skirt

This is the skirt Steve's tree used to wear at Christmas.

This is the skirt that Steve's tree wears now at Christmas after a makeover by Nathan.

Which do you like better?

The pattern is called "Gather 'Round the Tree", and comes from the 2007 issue of the "Quilt It for Christmas" magazine. It ends up being 64" in diameter, so it is a nice big tree skirt.

I got the fabric and started on tree skirt last year, but didn't finish in time for Christmas. I pulled it out this year and finished it up. The quilting was done by Kars Quilting Service. They did a great job!

I love the finished project. Merry Christmas Steve!


Cheri Dawn said...

You did a fabulous job on that binding, Nathan. I am so impressed. You've gone from binding-phobic to binding master!!

Julie said...

I absolutely love this tree skirt. You do amazing work!