Saturday, December 13, 2008

Farkling to the End!

I took a little time this week to make Farkle bags. Here is a link on instructions on how to play Farkle. I think the bags turned out cute and would work well as a gift bag. I took pictures as I made them, so I could give you all instructions.

I cut a 7" x14 1/2" piece of the focus fabric and a 7" X 18" piece of the accent fabric.

I sewed the the 7" edges of the focus fabric to the accent fabric. I pressed the seam toward the focus fabric. I matched up and pinned the seams and pressed to then ends. I stitched the ends leaving a two inch opening near the end of the accent fabric to turn the bag inside out. I also left a half inch opening on both sides at the seam between the two fabrics going into the accent fabric for the drawstring. I pressed the side seams open.

I turned the bag right side out and ironed it. I stitched to two inch opening closed.

I tucked the accent fabric inside of the focus fabric, matching the corners together. I pressed the top. I top stitched along the seam and half inch down at the bottom of the opening for the drawstring. I threaded the drawstring through the channel created by the top stitching, creating two complete loops that started at opposite sides of the bag.

You now have completed bags. Enjoy!

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Julie said...

Thanks for posting this. I had hoped we could've made some while you were here but I realize that time was limited. I'll have to make some now that you've taught me how here. Great tutorial! Okay, if I call you for questions?