Friday, November 4, 2011

My Good Turn

It is nice every now and then to give back using quilting the means.

South Minneapolis Quilters will be having a booth at Mount Olivet's Holiday Bazaar and Art Fair tomorrow. Some of the proceeds will go to the church and the rest will be donated to charities.

We were challenged to do things we'd never done before. Well, I have quilted before, but it felt like I was doing it for the first time.

If you click on the picture of the table runner, you probably will be able to see my quilting. Doesn't quilting in the ditch feel like coloring within the lines did at age 5?

I found it very challenging to quilt a straight line. Although with each leaf, I got better and better.

I was also able to do an old stand by for another donation, wine totes. I found that if I bought two half yards, I could get 3 wine totes.

They go together so easily and really dress up a bottle of wine. The pattern is in Let's Do Lunch by Terry Atkinson.

I love the Winter Solstice line from Jason Yenter. It definitely put me in the holiday spirit.

I hope my runners and totes put the fair goers in
a spending mood.


Martha Berge said...

I would definitely buy it.

Judy said...

Remember...the lines are our friends. :)

Looks like you did a fantastic job!