Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vacation from Farmville

I took a little trip a while back to Lanesboro, MN for a quilt retreat with Cheri, Amy and Judy. Judy has a great posting about the retreat on her blog.

I had this quilt cut out for quite a while, so it was on my UFO list. The pattern is called Weather Vane.

I made the half square triangle squares before I left. That way I didn't need to rip off the triangle paper or trim dog ears before I could start sewing.

By the end of the retreat, I was able to get all my blocks made and pieced the strips for the border blocks. It took me about a week to finish the quilt, partially because I was a little burned out.

I think it turned out great. I'm going to put it in the non-judged portion of the Minnesota Quilters Show in June. I need a name for it.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

It turned out very pretty, Nathan. Nice contrast in colors and I really like Glad's pattern too.

Martha Berge said...

you should try to incorporate farm into the the title somehow, because the colors are reminiscent of the patchwork look of the fields of a farm.

Cheri Dawn said...

I agree with Martha. Besides, you are a farmer, aren't you??

Abbott Family said...

Love the quilt! My daughter saw it and said "I want it!" I love the fabrics you chose and the pattern is lovely!