Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not-So-Ugly and Not-So-Challenging

You know it has been a while since your last posting when your blog address disappears off your own recent web history. Sorry all!

I'll try to post at least every couple of days. Hopefully show more progress photos.

Last posting I talked about the ugly fabric challenge. The quilt actually turned out really nice. I love the mix of old timey victorianish fabrics with the leopard and bamboo leaf prints. A kind of classic modern quilt.

This quilt will be tied at my extended family reunion this summer. It will either be donated directly or auctioned off and the money given to charity. Pippin we will keep.

It feels good to give back and use my love of quilting to benefit others.


Martha Berge said...

looks good!

sjohns said...

Wow, Nathan -- I've missed you! Now I know you haven't stopped quilting, anyway. I love reading your blog and seeing your quilting and cooking creations.

Cheri Dawn said...

What a great pattern you chose for these fabrics. It will lend itself well to being tied. Good job!