Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Marriage of Convenience

What do you do when you have turkey meat and pumpkin puree?

You put them together and make Pumpkin Turkey Chili.

When you put it all together and it still isn't working? Chili marriage counselling.

Steve and I obviously started with boiling a turkey carcass and harvesting the meat. We used it in place of the ground turkey.

Once we finished the recipe, it really wasn't good, so we added more salt, red pepper flakes, mexican oregano and cumin. We also added some broth and an 8oz can of tomato sauce to make it less thick.

The last step is to arrange your chili bowls into eyes, your cheese into a mouth and make a sour cream beauty mark to really enjoy your dinner.


Cheri Dawn said...

Looks yummy! Did you save some for me???

Martha Berge said...

mmm...Chili marriage counseling? Sounds kinky.

Julie said...

Very cute and so clever! I love the face it makes. :D