Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Lost!

Can you tell what is missing from this picture?

Is there anything sadder than a sewing table missing a sewing machine? I was having trouble with the tension on my machine, so I took it in to be serviced at Gratz Sewing.

They are so good that typically they are booked out three weeks. I lucked out! I'll be getting my machine back in a week.

While I can't sew, I think I'll revisit finished projects that haven't made it onto the blog yet.

Earlier I had mentioned that I finished Mystery by Mail #43. Well, it is no longer a mystery. This is a picture of the finished product. Auntie's Choice.

I think it is lovely. The main block is Aunt Suki's Choice. I think it has an amazing secondary design that is created by added a pieced sashing in between the blocks.

I also love the earth tone Asian fabrics. Very elegant!


Cheri Dawn said...

Your mystery quilt is gorgeous. Hope you get your machine back soon!

Martha Berge said...

Very beautiful! I love your choice of fabric!

Julie said...

I also love the "earth tone Asian fabrics" as well! Very nice and pretty!