Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turkey, Pots and Pie

Steve made a turkey when I was retreating. We boiled up the left over meat and carcass.

We landed on a Turkey Pot Pie recipe to use up some of the meat and broth. As you can see, it turned out really well.

It was a little hard to get the pieces out of the pan at first, but it was much easier once the pie cooled off.

Steve had a great idea of how to deal with the broth. He poured it into a muffin tin and put it into the freezer.

Once they were frozen, he transferred them to an air tight bag.

Pretty smart, don't you think?!


Cheri Dawn said...

That Steve. He's so inventive!

Martha Berge said...

He's a keeper

Julie said...

It is a smart idea! I'll have to remember it and I'm going to have to try to make the Turkey Pot Pie as well.