Monday, May 18, 2009

Retreating for quilters

I'm just back from a quilt retreat. It was fun. I got a couple of projects done.

It was fun to sew with some great ladies and get some dedicated for sewing.

We went to the Wild Rose Inn in Nevis, MN.

The first quilt is Antique Rug, a pattern from Aardvark Quilts.

The second quilt was a baby quilt with the ABCs.

Please ignore the pajamas the show in the bottom of the baby quilt picture.

What is not apparent is that I'm wearing the same pjs behind the quilt.

I should apologize to the ladies for wearing them 3 days straight.


Martha Berge said...

Cute quilt, cute quilter, and cute pajamas.

Julie said...

So amazing how lovely they turned out! Retreats seem like they would be fun and I'd like to go sometime.