Monday, October 13, 2008

The Mystery Continues

Mystery weekend is over and Caroline is headed home. I'll miss her. We both got a good start on the mystery quilt. It is a winner. Anyone doing the mystery quilt will love it. Unfortunately, it is a mystery so I can't post pictures of the progress I'm making until after the last mystery session. So instead I'm posting a picture of the fabric I found for the back of my quilt. It was in the discount fabric upstairs at Glad Creations. It is from the Ragtime collection put out by Moda.

I plan to continue to blog about my progress on the quilt, but they won't post until the last session of the Mystery weekend. So stay tuned!

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Jason Gignac said...

Mystery Quilt - I have this terrible image now ofa quilting equivalent to that old ghost story about the woman who loved jigsaw puzzles:

"With trembling fingers, he stitched on the last patch - revealing the face of a madman peering thorugh his bedroom windows. The last noise he ever heard was the sound of breaking glass..."