Saturday, October 25, 2008

49 and Not Counting

So in the spirit of taming my scraps, I've organized all my projects and scraps into 5 storage bins and an Excel spreadsheet. It contains all the projects I have at the moment. And as the title suggests, I have 49 projects. The snapshot is of the first twenty projects.

Some of you may not know that Glad Creations has a monthly lecture call Scrap Tamers Club. The objectives of scrap tamers are to tame your scraps, control your clutter and to finish those projects. It goes from Sept 2008 to Aug 2009.

So you will notice that in order to make myself feel better, I've listed a project that I've already completed. Wahoo! Also I've set a goal to finish 19 other projects by the end of the club. This would put me at 29 projects in Sept 2009.

I've also set a goal for myself to finish the year with fewer project than I started with. You all know how we quilters are, we can't stop buying fabric. I had to leave room to buy more fabric.

Stay tuned to see how I do.


Cheri Dawn said...

I enjoyed taking a look at your list. It gives you a clear idea of what stage each project is in. I may have to rethink my own method. Thanks for sharing!


Susan Dyer said...

I'm going to send the Scrap Tamers to your blog. Either it will make them feel guilty for not organizing their projects or really good for not having quite as many as you. Thanks for sharing.