Saturday, September 27, 2008

Season for Soup

Steve and I planted a few plants this year. You can see two of the many butternut squash. Steve found a great recipe to use up one of the squash. We made Curried Squash Soup. The recipe is yummy. Very delicious! You'll have to try it.

The recipe came from It is a cool website. You can post pictures of the recipe after you make it. You can also comment on what you thought about the recipe.

Also here is an update on my bindings. I have all the binding sewn on all six quilts. Now I just need hand stitch them to the back of the quilts. Look for pictures of the quilts as I finish the hand stitching.


sjohns said...

Hi, Nathan -- I'm excited to see your progress on ... BINDING ...your favorite part, right? :-)

Also, the squash soup recipe looks like a keeper -- always a fall treat and I like that it has some kick in it, rather than being too sweet. See you on the 11th.

Emily Dyer said...

Looks like yummy soup, but you need to get busy making some of those placemats that Nancy and Amy are making. And, just let me know if you need some gorgeous handmade quilt-inspired pottery bowls to showcase your delectable creations!
I'll make your soup recipe and post a pic soon in one of my bowls.