Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy B-Day Steven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took almost a year but you now have a quilt from me. Lucky you!

Here is the info on the quilt for all you quilters out there. This quilt only uses Jo Morton Fabrics. Almost all of the fabrics come from the Jamestown line. I love the variety of value and pattern found in the fabric line. Sometime when you only use one fabric line you end up with a boring quilt because all the fabrics are to Matchy-matchy. I think I ended up with a quilt that has a lot of visual interest and has a very autumn look.

Here is a link to the swatch list.

The pattern is designed by Glad Creations, called Bear Tracks. I made the quilt as part of what they call Mystery Weekend. Here is a little description of the weekend. You get fabric requirements and cutting instructions in the mail, so all you really know is the size of the quilt at this point. When you arrive you get the first clue, which are instructions for a block used in the quilt. Every couple of hours you get a new clue and at the end of the day you see the entire quilt and the layout. The next day is used to continue working on your quilt. It is a log of fun. Glad Creations still has room in the class, so if you hurry and sign up you could get in this fall's session. Here is a link to the pattern, Bear Tracks.


Julie said...

I'm glad you finished it. It looks truly magnificent and the colors are amazing!

Martha Berge said...

beautiful! Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve said...

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Nathan for the beautiful quilt. I will cherish it always! Given that I still have the 'blankie' my Grandmother made for me when I was born (back when the earth's crust was still forming), you know I will treasure it and take good care of it. And when I leave this earth, I will pass it on to my daughter so that it will be in my family forever.

And I promise never to take it to Costco.