Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sombrero Del Gato

So I wish the success of each project could be judged by Daisy. She seems to like my failed attemp at a Bali Bowl from Aunties Two.

The bowl is supposed to have upright sides. Mine ended up with more of a gentle slope. On the plus side two cats can lay on it at once.

Now I do have to say that Daisy looks great on it. Steve did a good job at picking out the Bali Pop to go with her and Pippin.

So any one have any ideas why I got a sombrero instead of a bowl? I'm wondering if it could be that my tension was off. Or that I didn't have the right touch when shaping my bowl.

Either way, the cats will have to share the one bowl, because I'm not making another one.


sjohns said...

Nathan, your Daisy looks so much like my long gone Puddy!!! I can hardly believe it. Beautiful cat and a charming accent to your Bali Sombrero. You got further on one of those than I ever will!!

Anonymous said...

I think it turned out exactly the way it was meant to be. And Daisy obviously agrees. Forget that whole tension idea. :)

Cheri Dawn said...

I think the shape is purrfect! Since your kitties like to cuddle, now you are off the hook for a second one.