Friday, January 1, 2010

Star of the New Year

I've made a start on my Amazon Star. I have the units made for the center of the quilt. I love the blazing hot orange in the points.

I'm a little worried that this is the easiest part of the entire project. Even if it is I'm so excited about how it looks, I think I'll make it all the way through.

When I was cutting out the project, the instructions had me put the cut pieces into 10 bags. The center was the first bag. I need to make it through the other 9 bags before January 2011.

That makes the Amazon star my star of 2010. Happy New Year!


Martha Berge said...

I knew it was going to be amazing when I saw the material and the pattern!

Annemarie Yohnk said...

This is an amazing project...good luck!

Cheri Dawn said...

It looks even better in person. I can't wait to see your star as it gradually fills out. I commend you for tackling this challenge!

Julie said...

I LOVE star quilts! It looks fascinating!