Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't Bother Me!

Shoo fly, don't bother me! Every one knows the saying, but I experienced it first hand.

I went into Mystery Weekend wanting to use up my 30's reproduction fabric. And we all know that using up fabric you already have isn't nearly as exciting as buying new fabric.

So once I started sewing, I had a hard time being excited about the quilt. Steve liked everything I was doing. When I finished the quilt, he thought it was cute and old timey.

I still wasn't that excited about it. I took it to the quilt shop, and everyone thought it was great, but I still wasn't that excited.

It did get me thinking though. Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty in your own work. You come to it with all your expectations and the quilts don't always fit those expectations.

I've had a week separation from the quilt now, which helps to bring a new perspective to the quilt. Looking at the picture now, it looks like a quilt my grandmother would have made for me.

I am starting to see the charm of the quilt now.


Martha Berge said...

the pattern and the material go very well together and do give past generation look

Cheri Dawn said...

I'm so glad you are seeing the charm of this quilt. That's the best word for it!

Anonymous said...

Nathan, I am sure it is great! I'll take it if you decide you just can't stand looking at it anymore! :)

Julie said...

Nathan, I think you've hit on such a vital point. At times, it is hard to see the beauty in what we accomplish.
I also think the quilt is quite charming!

Tricia said...

I absolutely love it! It's so cheery.