Saturday, October 24, 2009


I've made a some great progress on my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks.

I finished session 1 blocks in July. I've been plugging away at session 2 blocks between other projects.

I've gotten together with friends for Sylvia weekends. Anything to stay motivated.

Session 2 blocks were pieced using traditional techniques, but a little more challenging than the first session. Between the two sessions, that makes 35 blocks, which is a fourth of all the blocks in the quilt.

Some of the blocks were down right hard. Keep in mind that the blocks are 6" finished. Two of the blocks had 60 pieces in them. They had 3/4" half square triangles in them. What a challenge!

In the next session I will be learning to do foundation piecing. Wish me luck!


Martha Berge said...

Beautiful Material!! Beautiful blocks!

Anonymous said...

Very, very pretty!! You did a wonderful job. Foundation piecing is great fun - you will enjoy it. It's great for precision things (like Mariner's Compass) and small things... I like to take traditional patterns and shrink them down and use foundation piecing to make a mini-quilt.