Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Finish Line

Well, how appropriate is it that I finished my quilt the weekend of the closing ceremony on the Olympics.

I love how it turned out. I love the variety of the textures of the fabrics. I also love how the stars stand out because of the contrast between the dark fabrics and the light background. I also love the subtlety of the checkerboard sections of the quilt. You can't really tell in the picture but the background fabric in the checkerboard has a line in it, which I think enhances the pattern.

It will be going to the quilters on Monday. Can't wait to see what she does with the quilting.


sjohns said...

It's beautiful! I'm so lucky to have seen it in person. I want to know how you photographed this large quilt getting enough light on it. I hope Q&A is appropriate for your blog.

Julie said...

That is breathtakingly beautiful! I'm staring at it in awe! I really love the contrast & the stars on this quilt.
I'm proud of you for working on this quilt so hard and meeting your deadline. It's an amazing work of art! It will be neat to see how the quilting turns out.
I hope you don't mind I found your blog.

Martha Berge said...

Beautiful, I can't believe that I'm related to this talent and don't have any myself.

nathan le said...

What a stunningly beautiful quilt you've made, Nate! The variety of fabrics, colors and patterns add so much visual interest. Amazing work! And to think you made this quilt in less than a month.

What really surprises me is that the colors you chose really work well together and the end result doesn't look Christmas-y. Moreover, you had the audacity to mix stripes, dots, botanicals, and paisleys. Definitely a fashion no no... but incredibly it looks great on your quilt.