Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Quilt Sister

As a kid, you and a friend might cut your fingers and put the cuts together and you became blood brothers or sisters?

Well, I've decided Cheri is my quilt sister now. Giving up a quilt is more painful than a little cut. We have both given each other quilts, so that makes us quilt siblings.

This is the quilt she gave me. Pinwheels and Posies. Isn't it a stunner!?

She was very tricky. She had me help her pick out the fabrics. Then when she finished piecing the quilt she had me help pick out the two border fabrics too. I kept asking her who was getting the quilt and I don't know if I ever got a straight answer.

Just this week, she called to see if she could come over and take pictures of her quilts. I didn't know it was mine until she had me check out the quilt label on it.

I guess it pays to be friends with quilters. Thanks Cheri!


Anonymous said...

What a kind gesture and a beautiful quilt. :)

Cheri Dawn said...

It's true. Tis better to give than to receive. Enjoy, quilt bro!

Julie said...

Cheri - your quilt is a stunner! Nathan - I'm so happy that you have a quilt sister now.
And it is so wonderful about how you worked together to make the quilt the very best it became!