Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me!

Caroline gave me the best Christmas gift ever. She helped me finish a UFO.

I bought this project a couple of years ago when my great-nephew, Kaiden, was still a baby.

I got stuck trying to get rid of puckers in the nose area. I brought it with me to Utah and Caroline helped me finish the nose with puckers. You know galloping horses and all.

The embroidery kind of hides the puckers, plus if you didn't make the project you don't see the mistakes as much.

The pattern is called Puppy Love, and I love that he is done. I hope you love him, Kaiden!


Martha Berge said...

very cute, who wouldn't love him.

Cheri Dawn said...

I remember this project now. It's as darling as the day you picked out the fabric!

Julie said...

Absolutely adorable!
Kudos to Caroline for helping you with a UFO! What a wonderful gift!